Make your own Iced Tea Lattes! [Vegan]

4-29-14 120

Homemade iced tea lattes. My new lifeblood, especially with summer upon us.

By some Berkeley miracle it’s 90 degrees out today, and being the heat-hater I am, I’d usually be miserable right now. But thanks to the fact that I’ve been sipping iced chai tea lattes all day, I feel great. This revelation also helps me meet my new goal to have at least 2 cups of black tea a day.

Here’s how that goal started: I realized that, with finals coming up and the fact that I’ll have one single day to pack and move out of my apartment, my stress levels are out of control. I’ve had all sorts of insane cravings–even after eating a big meal–am having trouble sleeping, and my skin is really upset with me. After doing some research, I stumbled across studies that show that those who drank black tea regularly had lowered cortisol after stressful activities than those given a placebo, even despite the caffeine content. Apparently, this is thanks to the polyphenols in black tea; I’ve been drinking tons of green and herbal tea lately, so I decided it was high time to start reintroducing black tea to my daily routine. Even if it isn’t a miracle stress solution, it can’t hurt!

And what better way than to make it cool, refreshing, and creamy?

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I know this might be far too simple to call a recipe, but for blog-organizing purposes, I’m calling it one anyway!


  • Black tea: loose leaf or in a bag. (My favorites so far : Chai, French vanilla, Irish breakfast, Lady Grey)
  • Your favorite kind of milk (I use soy)
  • Sweetener (optional)
  • Other flavorings like vanilla, lemon, etc. if desired
  • Ice cubes


1. Brew a pot or pitcher of your tea according to the directions for that type. For example, white and green teas usually should be steeped at lower temperatures. Put the pot/pitcher in the fridge, and let cool. To speed it up, add ice cubes after ~1 minute of brewing.

2. Once room temperature or cooled, pour some of it into glass, add a splash of milk, and sweetener if you want it. Add in ice cubes, and enjoy! Alternatively, if you used a pitcher and left extra room, you can add the milk, ice cubes, and sweetener straight to that.

I also like to dilute it with more water because often the hot tea is quite strong, but that’s just personal preference. (It also makes my original brewed pot last longer.)

4-29-14 1064-29-14 100

Who need Starbucks when you can make all their drinks at home, perfectly to your tastes?


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