Recipe: Vegan Gourmet Grilled Cheese

11-01-13 061

I’ll be the first to say it: vegan cheese on it’s own isn’t very good. Even when melted on bread it doesn’t quite pass the test, in my mind at least. The industry still has a ways to go in terms of coming up with a standalone product.

Vegan cheese artfully paired with other flavors and textures, however, can work out wonderfully. And I’m a firm believer that that is precisely what most dairy and egg replacements are intended for.

Therefore, us vegan cooks have to get creative. That’s why, when I was craving grilled cheese on a rainy day last week,  I decided I’d have to go beyond just melting cheese on some bread. And what I ended up coming up with was better than most grilled cheese I’ve had, and was healthier!


  • Your favorite bread (I used Italian)
  • Vegan gourmet or Daiya cheddar cheese
  • Green apple slices
  • White onion slices
  • Dijon mustard
  • Vegan margarine for cooking


You can do this in any order you prefer, but I chose to toast the bread first on a pan with vegan margarine at medium heat, then I melted the cheese in the microwave (as vegan cheese can be finicky with melting), then assembled the sandwich.

It has a wonderful tang, and was surprisingly filling!

11-01-13 065

(Sadly I was so ravenous that I started eating before I remembered to take a photo; so it looks less appetizing than before I started!)




5 thoughts on “Recipe: Vegan Gourmet Grilled Cheese

  1. I don’t want to be the spreader of bad news but vegan cheese is far less healthy than regular cheese. The first ingredient of Daiya and American Gourmet is probably some kind of oil (maybe after water). Vegan cheese is pretty much eating oil plain. Just letting you know as I am a vegan. Being vegan doesn’t automatically mean eating healthier; it is not a low carb diet.

    • The reason I argue that this version is healthier than the average grilled cheese isn’t only because the cheese is vegan, but because much of the cheese (dairy or vegan) is displaced by using veggies as filler; less is necessary to make a filling meal.
      However, despite similar oil and fat contents, I would still argue that vegan cheese is healthier due to the artificial hormones such as rBST that are rampant in dairy.

      Also, low carb diets aren’t necessarily healthier, either!

  2. Ok I see your points. But vegan cheese is definitely not a health food. Low carb diet is a bad example; a better example is a health diet whose goal is to be a healthier person. A vegan diet does not have to be healthy. Here is an example:

    Breakfast: Bagel and Tofutti cream cheese (also pretty much oil)
    Lunch: Soy hot dogs with ketchup that have soy isolates in them
    Snack: Potato chips
    Dinner: Frozen Amy’s Mac and Cheese
    Dessert: Vegan cookie

    A vegan diet is not always healthier. This is my point. People mainly become vegans for ethical reasons and health on the side. If your goal is to solely be healthier, it would not equate a vegan diet.

    Also know that my blog is only there to practice WordPress (am taking a WordPress class now)

    • Oh I agree with you, I never argued that vegan diets are healthier! Which is why I clearly define my recipes as vegan AND healthy (when applicable), not healthy because they’re vegan. 🙂

      Although, I do feel that oil (in your example) gets a bad rep. If you’re already at a healthy weight, I find nothing wrong with eating the healthier (not so processed and hydrogenated) oils. In fact there have been proven health benefits of oils such as olive oil.

      • You seem to have a great point. My apologies of my assumption that you thought this. I have one thing I want you to consider: yes, olive oil can have health benefits, but only if eating small amounts (I think). French fries and potato chips have oil as one of the last ingredients, but Daiya cheese and Tofutti cream cheese has oil as the first or second ingredient. It would be like drinking part or all of a small bottle of oil like a beverage.

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